Mechanical Engineering

Sample Question
16-Mec-A1 Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
16-Mec-A2 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
16-Mec-A3 System Analysis and Control
16-Mec-A4 Design and Manufacture of Machine Elements
16-Mec-A5 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
16-Mec-A6 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
16-Mec-A7 Advanced Strength of Materials
16-Mec-B1 Advanced Machine Design
16-Mec-B2 Environmental Control in Buildings
16-Mec-B3 Energy Conversion and Power Generation
16-Mec-B4 Integrated Manufacturing Systems
16-Mec-B5 Product Design and Development
16-Mec-B6 Fluid Machinery
16-Mec-B7 Aero and Space Flight
16-Mec-B8 Engineering Materials
16-Mec-B9 Advanced Engineering Structures
16-Mec-B10 Finite Element Analysis
16-Mec-B11 Acoustics and Noise Control
16-Mec-B12 Robot Mechanics
16-Mec-B13 Biomechanics