Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Welcome to our refund policy. We value your satisfaction and aim to support your goals with our digital products. Here’s a straightforward guide on our refund practices:

Refund Eligibility

1. Non-Refundable Products: Our products are digital and non-tangible. Once your order is confirmed and the product is sent, it cannot be refunded.

1.1 Exceptions:

Faulty Digital Downloads: Under the Consumer Rights Act, if the digital product is faulty, you may be eligible for a refund.

Technical Issues: If you encounter a technical problem we cannot solve, or the product was misrepresented, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

2. Technical Problems Defined

Non-delivery: If you do not receive the product via email, please contact us.

Major Defects: If our product has unexpected errors, report these to our technical support.

Product Misdescription: If the product does not match its description, report this within 14 days of purchase with clear evidence.


Third-party Software: Our product descriptions specify compatibility. We do not refund items due to incompatibility with third-party software not listed in our descriptions.

4. Non-refundable Situations

Change of mind.
Accidental purchase.
Lack of expertise to use the product.

5. Your Responsibility

By purchasing, you acknowledge you have read and understood this refund policy.

This policy is accessible publicly on our website. Purchasing from us means you accept these terms.

6. Table Summary

ConditionRefund Eligible?
Product is digital and sentNo
Faulty digital downloadYes
Unsolvable technical issueYes
Misrepresentation within 60 daysYes
Non-delivery or major defect reportedYes
Misdescription reported within 14 daysYes
Incompatibility with unspecified softwareNo