Sample Question
16-Civ-A1 Elementary Structural Analysis
16-Civ-A2 Elementary Structural Design
16-Civ-A3 Municipal and Environmental Engineering
16-Civ-A4 Geotechnical Materials and Analysis
16-Civ-A5 Hydraulic Engineering
16-Civ-A6 Highway Design, Construction, and Maintenance
16-Civ-B1 Advanced Structural Analysis
16-Civ-B2 Advanced Structural Design
16-Civ-B3 Geotechnical Design
16-Civ-B4 Engineering Hydrology
16-Civ-B5 Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
16-Civ-B6 Urban and Regional Planning
16-Civ-B7 Transportation Planning and Engineering
16-Civ-B8 Management of Construction
16-Civ-B9 The Finite Element Method
16-Civ-B10 TraSc Engineering
16-Civ-B11 Structural Materials
16-Civ-B12 Risk and Safety in Civil Engineering