Industrial Engineering

Sample Question
17-Ind-A1 Operations Research
17-Ind-A2 Analysis and Design of Work
17-Ind-A3 Facilities Planning
17-Ind-A4 Production Management
17-Ind-A5 Quality Planning, Control, and Assurance
17-Ind-A6 Systems Simulation
17-Ind-B1 Applied Probability and Statistics
17-Ind-B2 Manufacturing Processes
17-Ind-B3 Computer Aided Design and Computer-Assisted Manufacturing
17-Ind-B4 Design of Information Systems
17-Ind-B5 Ergonomics
17-Ind-B6 Workplace Design
17-Ind-B7 Financial and Managerial Accounting
17-Ind-B8 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
17-Ind-B9 Logistics: Transportation Aspects
17-Ind-B10 Workplace Health and Safety